Superleicht gas cylinder

LPG in the super light cylinder of 7,5 kg
Easy to use, universal in use!

  • Super unique - this 7,5 kg cylinder is only available at FLAGA.
  • Super easy and convenient - with FLAGA-LPG can be grilled immediately; tedious heating is no longer necessary.
  • Super extensively and generous - with a cylinder you can host many barbecue parties. An example: for a gas grill with 3.5 kW and a 7.5 kg FLAGAsuperleichtcylinder you can handle easily 30-40 hours.
  • Supersize - with ideal size, light weight and contemporary appearance this cylinder also fits perfectly into any garden, on every terrace and most grills.
  • Super safe and responsible - FLAGA guarantees accurate, and permanent safety inspection of cylinders; of course TÜV tested and has proven a million times worldwide. The cylinder is made of glass fiber reinforced high-performance materials and was developed with the very latest technologies.
  • Super eco-friendly and sustainable – LPG is nontoxic and is developing during the combustion no smoke or harmful gases.
  • Super visible content - the transparent design let see how much gas is still in the cylinder.
  • Super light – with an unladen weight of only 4.4 kg and a load capacity of 7.5 kg the FLAGAsuperleicht is filled only half as much as a conventional empty 11kg steel cylinder and is the ideal size for home use (!).


The most important parameters of the cylinder:

  • weight of the cylinder: 4,4 kg
  • weight of the charge: 7,5 kg
  • height: 46,3 cm
  • diameter: 30,5 cm

Please find the nearest cylinder outlet, where you can buy a cylinder or for deposit rent it.

Search for Superleicht cylinder at our home delivery partners or at Shell and ENI gas stations.

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